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Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost me?

We operate on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. We claim all our cost from the Third Party.

Am I entitled to a replacement vehicle?

Yes. If your vehicle is deemed to be un-roadworthy then a replacement vehicle will be provided at no cost to yourself.

What steps should I take immediately after the accident?

You should take as much information and supporting evidence from the scene of the accident to help validate your non-fault claim. This includes takingĀ­ photographs and the contact details of any witnesses present. We also advise you to keep a record of all the injuries suffered and keep a track of them on a regular basis.

How long after the accident can I claim?

It is always beneficial to begin your claim as soon as possible after the accident. If for some reason you are unable to do this, then you have up to 3 years from the date of the accident to register your claim. If you develop an illness due to the accident after the 3 years have passed, then you can still claim up to 3 years after the date you were diagnosed.

I feel I have a claim. What steps should I take next?

If you believe you have a claim for compensation, then please fill out the short 'Claim Online' form. One of our experienced claims handlers will then contact you and, if accepted, will proceed with your claim.

How do I know if I can make a claim?

This is relatively simple. If you have been injured by someone who should have taken a reasonable amount of care for your safety but they do not, then you are entitled to make a compensation claim. This can include another driver, a colleague at work or an employer and includes injuries physical or psychological.

Complaints Procedure

We are authorised and regulated by the Claims Management Regulator and in most cases a complaint can be dealt with within 24 hours, if not, the complaint will be subject to the below procedures:

It is the aim of Injury Experts 4u to resolve any complaint fairly and quickly

A complaint may be received in writing.

A complaint received by any means will be acknowledged in writing to the complainant within 5 business days of receipt.

The details of each individual complaint will be recorded in a Complaints Log.

Injury Experts 4u will within four weeks of receiving the complaint send the complainant either a final response or a holding response.

Injury Experts 4u will within eight weeks send the complainant a final response.

The final response will include details of how the complainant may refer the complaint to the Claims Management Regulator if you are dissatisfied.

All records of complaints will be retained for at least 3 years.

Please send your complaints to:

Injury Experts 4u
356 Blackmoorfoot Road
West Yorkshire

Please mark for the attention of the complaints procedure officer.

If after the complaints procedure you are still dissatisfied with our services then you can contact:

Legal Ombudsman
PO Box: 6804
Telephone: 03005550333
Email: cmc@legalombudsman.org.uk